Yours and Ours

What You Can Expect From Us

When you buy a Renaissance puppy you are buying a piece of our family. Not only are our puppies the focus of our lives and energy for the first two months of their lives, but they also represent our commitment to and knowledge of Vizslas.  All of our puppies come from healthy, loving parents with sound bodies and temperaments – their mother is a member of our family, not a kennel dog.

The pups are raised in the living area of our home so they are accustomed to the hustle and bustle of family life.  Renaissance puppies are handled and socialized from birth, with daily individual attention.  They are also socialized with cats and other dogs, and whenever possible, small children. By the time they go home, between eight and ten weeks, they have been introduced to live and dead birds, started their housebreaking and been in crates and on car rides.  If the weather permits, the pups will also be introduced to brush and water.

Our goal is to carefully place each pup with a well-suited family.  We make every effort to match each owner or family with the pup that best suits him or her.  To do this, we require all prospective puppy owners to complete a Puppy Questionnaire describing their lifestyle, experience in dogs and expectations for this pup. We also keep careful records of each pup’s reactions and personality to assist in placement.  During their seventh week, we have a professional obedience instructor temperament test individual puppies using the Puppy Aptitude Test.
We strive to ensure that all Renaissance puppies are given the best start in life we can provide.  All pups are weighed daily to ensure proper growth, are wormed regularly from two weeks of age on and have received, at a minimum, their first set of shots before going home.  Each pup also receives two different individual examinations by our veterinarian before being released to their new owners.

We have a lifetime commitment to all of the puppies we breed.  We expect to remain in contact with our puppy owners throughout the dog’s life so it is important you feel as comfortable with us as you do with our dogs.  Our contracts include a clause whereby any Vizsla bred by us may be returned to us at any time, for any reason during the life of the dog if the need arises.  Additionally, we are available to you at any time for consultation.

As a courtesy to our puppy buyers, each puppy goes home with a week’s supply of puppy food, a familiar blanket, a new collar and a favorite toy. Additionally, a Puppy Packet is provided which contains everything you ever wanted to know about your new Vizsla pup, but…. well, you know.  It contains information on the success and health of the parents and relatives, photos of the sire and dam, a four generation pedigree of your pup, feeding instructions, history of the breed as well as training tips on how to crate train and housebreak your pup.  The AKC registration application and a complete written health record are also provided at the time the pup is picked up.


What We Expect From You

Our primary expectation is that your puppy will be a significant and beloved member of your family.  He or she should live in your home and receive quality food, medical care and training.  We prefer buyers with fully fenced yards but will make exceptions if you have the time and available facilities for adequate exercise and constant outside supervision.

If you are interested in a pet/companion, understand that these pups are sold on an AKC Limited Registration only, along with a contract stating you understand the animal is not to be bred.  We expect you to spay or neuter your puppy prior to 12 months of age as it is in the best interests of the health of the animal.

If you are buying one of our show quality pups, we expect you will train and show this puppy in conformation, obedience, field, and/or agility to a reasonable level of success.  Show quality pups may be sold on a co-ownership basis or outright ownership depending on many factors including your experience and desire to show.  You will be expected to sign a contract with us as to your commitment to this endeavor.  Samples of the contracts may be reviewed upon request.  We do not sell to brokers or anyone acting as an agent for another buyer.

Our commitment to producing healthy pups demands that we collect genetic information from all pups from our breeding, if possible.  For this reason, we will periodically send all puppy buyers a health survey at various stages of the pup’s life to be completed and returned along with current photos.  We LOVE photos of our pups!  We also expect that all of our pups will be tested for genetic disease at 24 months of age at the owner’s expense.  This testing provides important health information to owners and includes OFA hip x-rays and an eye exam by a certified veterinary ophthalmologist.  This type of information is also very important to us, as breeders, and will help shape the future of our breeding program.



You are welcome to contact our veterinarian or any other owners of our Vizsla pups for references as to our breeding practices and care of our animals.  These names and numbers will be supplied to you upon request.


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