Since 1993, our goal at Renaissance has been the pursuit of the dual purpose Vizsla – a beautiful, companion hunter who is able and willing to compete in all aspects of canine activities.  A dog with size, substance, beauty and natural bird ability all wrapped up in an extremely elegant red package!  Ideally, a dog that can succeed in the ring as well as in the field.  Of utmost importance to us is temperament, as well as trainability.  After all, these puppies will spend their entire lives as trusted, loving companions regardless if they ever see the breed ring or bird field.  Furthermore, as breeders and hunters, we want our puppies to show natural bird ability whether or not they are used for that purpose.
We are a small kennel with a limited but well-planned breeding program.  This means that each breeding is of tremendous importance to us and is thoroughly and carefully researched with a purpose in mind.  We concentrate our efforts not only in planning each breeding, but also into caring for and socializing our pups.  We are especially concerned with the problems facing purebred dogs today: poor or aggressive temperaments, genetic disease and general poor health.  As a result, all pups are temperament tested at seven weeks by a professional obedience instructor trained in canine behavior.  Furthermore, all our dogs are OFA certified for hips, elbows and thyroid as well as Penn-HIP certified free from hip dysplasia.  Additionally the dogs must pass a CERF eye exam demonstrating they are free from any serious hereditary eye defects including entropion and progressive retinal atrophy.

Even with our limited breeding program, our dogs have competed successfully in conformation, hunt tests, field trials and agility.  We have produced over 75 Champions and Grand Champions, including...
5 Best in Show winners,
4 Number One Vizslas,
3 Top Ten Sporting Dogs,
2 National Specialty winners,
2 National Best in Specialty Sweepstakes winners,
multiple regional specialty winners,
and 17 Group winners and placers as well as multiple hunt test qualifiers.  Most of all, we are thrilled that our dogs make wonderful companions, both at home and in their chosen venue.

We balance the pursuit of this goal with the clear understanding that our dogs will be family companions first and foremost.  Thus, we follow the VCA Code of Ethics and the Golden Rule in our dealings with other Vizsla fanciers, our puppy buyers and the general public.  We seek to treat our buyers fairly and to use our interactions as a means to educate them and the general public about dog behavior, the responsibility of dog ownership and good animal husbandry.
We are dedicated to continually develop our education as breeders, trainers, exhibitors and owners.  We do this through extensive reading of contemporary and historical literature on genetics, veterinary science, animal behavior, and dog and horse breeding; attending seminars and participating in discussions with veterinarians, professional dog trainers and handlers as well as other members of the dog fancy.  We also put into practice what we have learned by training and exhibiting our own dogs.
Thank you again for your interest in our breeding program.  We are happy to discuss it with you in greater detail at any time.  Since we offer only a limited number of puppies each year, we do recommend reserving a puppy in advance of the actual whelping.  If you are still interested in a Renaissance puppy, please let us know - We are happy to provide names and phone numbers of our puppy owners for you to contact for references.



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